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Cushionguard vs Sunbrella: Patio Cushion Dilemma

The designs and the materials that will be used in outdoor decorations and on cushions are of vital concern when one is designing their own house. Moreover, people are not in the game to find law quality products anyways. Therefore we will present you the best options and the best comparison of some of those holding the pioneer in outdoor fabric materials. Thus we welcome to the battle of Cushionguard vs Sunbrella. We discuss the primary factors behind Cushionguard vs Sunbrella, then move to the primary comparison of the two fabrics, followed by a series of vita queries.

What Is Cushionguard Fabric?

Cushionguard has become one of the main selling products, which has been heavily promoted by home depot. However, regardless of the popularity that it has gained over the years, this fabric material is a rookie in the field of fabrics. Nonetheless, the fabric claims that it is made with materials that allow the fabric to be water-resistant, durable and resistant towards sunlight, rain and wind.

Thus the fabric showcases some great qualities meant for outer utilization. Cushionguard, moreover, is available in a wide range of colours and palettes, while they are limited mainly to Home Depot for their marketing. The material is known to be a fabric that is easy to clean, affordable, yet stylish. Thus, Cushionguard is a fabric known for its appearance and functionality.

What Is Sunbrella?

Sunbrella has been a pioneer in exterior fabric brands since the day of history. Therefore many designers and architects hold a kind and loyal heart towards the Sunbrella products. The fabrics are suitable for the customers as well. The fabrics are known to be so-called “stress-free” fabrics which are easier to clean and durable for exterior environment conditions.

The Sunbrella materials have breathed on earth since 1960, with its ultimate purpose set on manufacturing brilliance upon a fabric material that could withstand more longevity than the typical cotton materials. Sunbrella is the famous brand name of Glen Raven Inc., another family-owned company dating past 140 years of history and success, making the materials high quality as well.

What Is Sunbrella?

Cushionguard Vs Sunbrella

With the perfect comprehension of what Cushionguard is and Sunbrella is, we will now move on to the battle between fabrics: Cushionguard vs. Sunbrella.

Characteristic Cushionguard Sunbrella
Humidity/moisture Claims that it is water resistant It claims to be water-resistant and highly resistant towards mildew.
Exposure to the sun and extreme heat Though regarded as fade resistant, it will be able to notice fading overutilization and time. Highly fade resistant with a bright pigment variation available as options.
Durability It will last longer in excellent condition if maintained and cleaned correctly. It will last longer in excellent condition if maintained and cleaned correctly.
Warranty period Cushionguard has a three-year warranty period. Sunbrella products are issued with a five-year warranty period.
price Cushion Guard offers affordable options compared to Sunbrella. A patio set will be about $150. The expensive option is the Sunbrella, and a patio set will cost about $200 as well.
Eco-friendliness Cushionguard is not known for its nature-friendly manufacturing procedures and materials. Sunbrella has been known for its eco-friendly nature, and the manufacturing process consists of eco-friendly materials.
comfortability Cushionguard is known to be comfortable to the touch of the sigh as well with its aesthetically pleasing vision. Sunbrella is also known for the comfort that it carries within the fabric and the textures of the fabric as well.

Now we will get into the depth of their differences that has made a barrier between the decisions that our dear readers are trying to make.


When discussing the durability of the Cushionguard and Sunbrella fabric, materials heavily vary from each other as Sunbrella uses dyed acrylic fabric, which is more durable with extended exposure to nature. In contrast, Cushionguard fabric is much more rigid than the Sunbrella fabric.


The Sunbrella fabric with this dyed acrylic fabric is not the most excellent choice for breathability, which will affect the user after the cushions stay for hours in the sun. Thus the Sunbrella fabrics will retain heat and expose you to the retained heat while Cushionguard remains cool in stressful and heated environmental conditions.

Thus overall, Sunbrella still holds the pioneer position in the market, while Cushionguard thrives as an affordable option. Therefore, when deciding whether to purchase either Cushionguard or Sunbrella, consider all these given differences with your exact desires and the vision to achieve the most optimal result.

Which Fabric Repels Water And Resists Moisture: Cushionguard Or Sunbrella?

With the above-represented comparison, what is the best solution in a constantly wet and humid area? The answer will be both. Both companies claim that their fabrics are water and moisture-resistant, which adds up to the market values of both fabrics. However, as the customers, we must acknowledge that water resistance is not after proof which means that these fabrics will somehow get damaged by moisture and water in the long run. Moreover, while Sunbrella claims to be water resistant, it is far more resistant to mildew.

Cushionguard Or Sunbrella – Which Lasts Longer?

Longevity is one of the most concerning properties of a product you want to purchase. Thus the two fabric materials considered in this article are under surveillance on counting longevity. Sunbrella materials and products have five years of warranty, while the Cushionguard products receive a 3-year warranty period.

Nonetheless, the warranty period, these fabric materials and the products made out of them last long and are durable to many natural exposures. Thus there is no right or wrong answer to the question “Which lasts longer?” than” Both”.

Is Sunbrella Worth The Cost?

As we now have acknowledged the extreme popularity and the high quality of the Sunbrella products we are beyond confirmation that Sunbrella has a bit of a price to their products, which is fair game. However, it is not worth the cost to purchase Sunbrella fabric. Well, the truth is it is worth the hype and the cost, as the material will last you longer and give your exterior décor an extraordinary finish.

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