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How To Hang Wind Chimes? Artful Outdoor Serenity    

Wind chimes are used for the charming sound it brings when hanged in the wind. Hanging a wind chime should be done carefully as its sound might be a nuisance to other people, especially the neighbours. Particular attention should be given when hanging a giant wind chime as it could cause harm if not properly fixed. On the other hand, special care should be given to the direction it is going to be fixed as Feng Shui, a traditional and ancient Chinese practice, gives guidance on the directions they should be fixed to get a good outcome. Most people do not believe wind chimes were initially built in China in 3000 BC. This article is on “How to hang wind chimes” and describes how to hang wind chimes safely and according to the Feng Shui practice.

What Are Wind Chimes?            

The history of wind chimes runs back to ancient China, and it is believed wind chimes existed in 3000 BC. The ancient wind chimes were made of pottery, bone, or shell. The metal wind chimes with specific sounds were created in 1100 BC in China. Eventually, they spread around to world through Dutch and Japanese.

Though people have yet to learn the real reason for what they were initially made for, the most reasonable explanation is that they were built to chase away the birds and other animals for their food sources. Time has made some advancements in them, and today they are used for their beauty and the charming sounds they make.

How To Hang Wind Chimes?     

No matter the reason, a wind chime should be hanged on something and should not touch any other objects, as when it is in touch with another object, it will not give the smooth music it gives. A wind chime should be hung in a place where the wind comes in freely and in a place where the owner can hear the sound.

Most importantly, it should not bother the neighbours as the energetic, sweet music to the owner could be a nonsenses noise to the neighbour. Things like how strong the wind is and whether the wind chime will hit other objects like walls, doors, windows, and furniture and damage them while themselves should be considered.

Once a suitable place is chosen, the issue of hanging the wind chime comes in. The equipment required for hanging the wind chime will depend on the place of Hanging. If it is to be hanged on a tree branch, a simple rope will be enough. Using different kinds of hooks could be screwed or pasted onto the ceiling or rafter on the roof.

Benefits Of Using Wind Chimes              

Usually, people use wind chimes because of the beautiful and harmonic sound they make. The music Wind chime makes puts a person in a relaxing and cheerful mood, similar to listening to music or the sound of water or nature. Another story behind wind chimes is regarding Feng Shui, a traditional and ancient Chinese practice that claims to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment using energy forces.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that the wind chimes attract positive energy and suppress ill luck when they are fixed in the correct position following the material they are made.

Metal wind chimes West – Brings luck to the children

North – Career opportunities

North West – Brings the luck of mentors

Wooden wind chimes East – Brings growth to the owner

South East – Brings Fame

South – Brings Money

Ceramic wind chimes Best at South West, Central, North East. South West is not suitable for romance.

Best Outdoor Places To Hang Wind Chimes       

There are many places where a wind chime can be fixed in a garden or outdoors, and it makes sense as there is more wind outdoors than indoors. Here are some places where a wind chime will match extensively, giving a relaxing sense.

  • On trees – A wind chime can be fitted on a tree where people go to relax. Especially in a place where one could sit and enjoy the sound of the wind chime and wind.
  • Porches – An excellent place to have a wind chime as the smoothing sound will put the owner in a positive mood when coming in or out of the house.
  • Patios – An open area for the wind, and a wind chime on a patio can also be heard inside.
  • Gazebo/pergola – A house with a more extensive garden can have a gazebo or a pergola to relax. A wind chime will be a great addition.
  • Apart from the above, a place with water, like a pond or a waterfall, will be ideal for hanging a wind chime.

Best Outdoor Places To Hang Wind Chimes 

Is It Possible To Hang Wind Chimes Without Drilling?  

Various kinds of wind chimes are available in the market, and how to hang them and how strong they should be hung should be decided according to the size and weight. The wind’s power, the wind chime’s resistance against the wind, and the stability of the place where it is going to be hung are other factors that should be considered when fixing a wind chime.

Some hooks do not require drilling and can be fixed to a surface using glue or tape. Though they are an easy and less messy way of hanging a wind chime, points given earlier in this chapter should be considered to avoid damage to the wind chime and sometimes the things around them.

What Height Should Wind Chimes Be Hung At?              

There is no specified height to fix a wind chime. When fixing, one user can always experiment with the height and decide on the proper height according to the best hearing of the sound it makes. The height of the wind chime will also depend on its size more correctly the height. A wind chime should not touch the people moving underneath it. And that will be a safe height, to begin with.

What Do You Use To Hang Chimes?       

To hang a wind chime, there is some equipment needed. This will change according to where the wind chime is supposed to hang on. Getting ready the following items may make it easy to fix the wind chime securely.

  • A strong rope or Wire – To hang the wind chime
  • screwed in mounts – To prepare the hanging hook
  • ceiling hooks. – To fix on a wooden surface
  • adhesive J-hook – To fix the hook without drilling
  • Rare earth magnet hook – To hang on a metal surface
  • Screw – To fix wall brackets/shelving bracket
  • Decorative wall bracket/shelving bracket – to fix on a tall wall
  • Drill and bits
  • Ladder
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver

Depending on the place and the size of the wind chime, most of this equipment may be optional.

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