what size gazebo can i build without a permit

What Size Gazebo Can I Build without a Permit? Know Your Building Rights!

If you own a lavish and beautiful garden space, you would want to do many things to enhance its beauty. Have you heard of a gazebo? A gazebo is a structure that you can have specifically to beautify your home garden. Once you discover a gazebo’s benefits, you will want to build one in your home garden. However, you should know a few important things before having one, including the appropriate size, what size gazebo you can build without a permit, the distance you must maintain from the house, and many other related questions. 

This article will cover a lot of important information on building a gazebo, which is especially helpful to those who wish to build a gazebo in their home garden space. Let’s dive in!

Is Building a Gazebo a Good Idea?

This question depends on the individual. However, let’s see why building a gazebo can be a good idea. 

Gazebos are best suited for large garden spaces, hotel gardens, and other spaces with large backyards. If you have a house on top of a hill or in a sloppy area, there has to be a view somewhere.

Having a gazebo facing the view can be breathtaking. It is better to build one open from all sides to enjoy the view from any side.

A gazebo can be used to provide shade on a scorching day. Let’s say you wish to stay outdoors because staying indoors can be very uncomfortable on a hot day during summer. Thus, if you have a gazebo, you can enjoy the breeze under the shade and spend hours outdoors.

Even during winter or rainy days, a gazebo is an ideal spot to sit, relax and chill while enjoying nature with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

A gazebo can enhance the value of your property. Since having a gazebo in the garden is pleasing and appealing, it can attract prospective buyers to purchase your property. It can also help when advertising the property, especially if you add a few photographs.

Is a Gazebo a Permanent Structure?

Whether a gazabo is a permanent structure depends on the material used for its construction. A gazebo uses many materials, including wood, vinyl, metal, fabric, nylon, etc. There are generally two types of gazebos. One type is the hardtop gazebo, and the other is the soft top.

As the name suggests, the hardtop gazebo usually consists of a rigid roof. Builders use wood, PVC, or metal (aluminium or steel) for a rigid top to ensure the roof lasts longer. You can use these materials for the entire structure as well. In contrast, soft-top gazabos are temporary structures.

They are temporary because, unlike hardtop gazabos, builders use soft materials, including fabric, nylon, polyester, and other types of light materials to build the roof and sometimes the entire structure.

The permanent factor thereby depends on the type of gazebo. Suppose you are looking at having a permanent gazebo. In that case, it is best to pick the hard top as it can withstand harsh climatic conditions, including heavy rains and causes less damage due to the rigidity of the materials.

Unlike a soft top gazebo, a hardtop gazebo can be customized to meet your requirements. You can fix ceiling fans, shades, hang plants, drapes, curtains, and other accessories for the best benefits.

A soft-top gazebo is recommended for special occasions and functions since they are mostly made of flexible material like fabric; soft top gazebos can be erected whenever required.

Can you Build a Gazebo without Planning Permission?

The answer to this question varies. Because the law can differ from country to country, you have to obtain planning permission to build any structure in certain countries, while in certain countries, this is optional.

However, there are a few factors you will have to consider if you are going to build a gazebo without planning permission. One factor is the height of the structure.

If the size of the gazebo you intend to make is less than 2.5 m in height, you may not require planning permission. The other factor is the distance between your property and the gazebo.

The requirement is that a minimum length of 2m or less should be maintained when building the gazebo in your garden.

Another factor is the distance between the gazebo and public paths or main roads. The law requires the gazebo to be built away (at least 2m) from the above two ways. The other factor is the nature of the structure.

If the gazebo is made for temporary use, usually for less than 28 days, you are not bound to obtain planning permission to construct the structure.

What Size Gazebo Can I Build without a Permit?

While there isn’t an exact figure for the size, generally, the recommendation is below 120 square feet. However, if you plan to build a gazebo without a permit, you should check on your area’s local building codes and other rules and regulations. 

This is to ensure that you comply with the building rules in your area, as it differs between locations. If you fail to obtain a permit from the area’s local authority, you could put others in the vicinity, including yourself, at risk. 

Building a gazebo is not a DIY project; getting a permit is best. Suppose you decide to avoid getting the permit. In that case, you will have to face many consequences, including legal liability, heavy fines and losing the structure in the event of an accident or any other calamity. 

Professional builders and constructors formulate building codes and regulations to ensure the building is safe; therefore, they know what is best for you and others. 

How Big is a Standard Gazebo

How Big is a Standard Gazebo?

You can ask the builder to build the gazebo according to your requirement and purpose. However, the size of a standard gazebo is around 2.5 m in height, while the width is 3m x 3m.

The width largely depends on the purpose of the gazebo. If you intend to host a gathering for a small group of people, the standard width mentioned above should be fine. You can also choose the preferred shape for your gazebo. The square-shaped ones are popular. You will have to keep a few factors in mind when deciding on the size of your gazebo.

Here are a few of them; The number of people you wish to accommodate, the type of furniture, and other materials you intend to keep; for instance, if you want to host a barbeque, you might require space to accommodate the machine and a few other things, the available space area, and your space requirement. 

How to Choose a Gazebo Size?

If you have trouble choosing an appropriate size for your gazebo, don’t worry; read the suggestions below and learn how you can select a suitable size.

The most effective way to choose an appropriate size for the gazebo is to follow the “try before you buy” method.

The method requires you first to select the place and the area you wish to have the gazebo built. Upon identifying those, you have to mark the space using some material and place the furniture or accessories, you want to put in the gazebo. 

Once you confirm the space, area, and everything else that needs to go into the gazebo, measure and note down the dimensions; your gazebo builder will do this for you. You can explain your requirements to him; he will help you with the necessary measurements.

For instance, if you need to set up a gazebo in your garden, the recommendation is a 3m x 2m sized structure sufficient to accommodate a small gathering or BBQ dinner. 

How Far should a Gazebo be from a House?

The distance between the house and the gazebo depends on the purpose of the gazebo. For instance, building it at least 10 to 20 feet away from the house is better if you wish to use the gazebo for entertainment.

The reason for this is that if you have toddlers or infants, the last thing you would want is to keep them away from running around the gazebo, especially if you are hosting a gathering; there can be dangerous devices that can be of interest to the kids but hazardous at the same time. 

You also need to ensure the guests have privacy and sufficient space to move around the gazebo. Therefore, the best solution is to build the gazebo close enough to the house to easily access places, including the kitchen and the bathroom, which are the most sought-after places by guests. 

Similarly, if the purpose of building a gazebo was for you and your family to relax, the recommendation is to have it 20 to 30 feet away from the house.

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