how far does an oscillating sprinkler go

How Far does an Oscillating Sprinkler Go? Maximizing Coverage!

Are you wondering, “How far does an oscillating sprinkler go?” Actually, understanding the reach of your sprinkler is key to efficient lawn care, and then your grass carpet will get even water spray. Beyond water pressure, factors like adjustment settings play a crucial role. Thus, it is worth knowing the specifics of oscillating sprinkler reach and exploring nuances that enhance your lawn irrigation. From water pressure dynamics to optimizing adjustment settings, let’s unlock the secrets of maximizing coverage. Stay tuned for practical tips to ensure your lawn gets the hydration it deserves.

How Far does an Oscillating Sprinkler Go?

 An oscillating sprinkler can go up to 30 feet. It typically covers a rectangular area, reaching an average area of 20 feet by 30 feet (6 meters by 9 meters).

This makes it suitable for medium-sized lawns and gardens. To optimize its range, ensure proper water pressure and adjust the sprinkler’s settings.

Remember that there can be different types of oscillating sprinkler models, so you can check the radius of a particular model before buying as it matches your lawn’s width. If your lawn is pretty large, you can go for an oscillating sprinkler that covers an area up to 50ft x 40ft.

An example of such a model is the Premium Metal Oscillating Sprinkler by Hoselink USA. There is no doubt the condition of your sprinkler affects the area it can cover, too. 

What Determines the Radius of an Oscillating Sprinkler? 

The radius of an oscillating sprinkler is determined by two key factors: water pressure and adjustment settings. Moreover, the oscillating sprinkler design, including the nozzles, also contributes to providing a better water supply.  

  • Water Pressure: Higher water pressure results in a broader reach, covering a larger area. Adequate pressure is crucial for maximizing the sprinkler’s coverage.
  • Adjustment Settings: The oscillation angle and pattern are controlled by adjustment settings on the sprinkler. Users can customize the coverage to match the specific shape and size of their lawn or garden.
  • Sprinkler Design: Consider the design of the sprinkler, as different models are built for various water pressure levels. Some are optimized for high-pressure systems, while others work efficiently in low-pressure environments. Thus, there are variations in the shape and size. 
  • Nozzles: Here, you need to consider the nozzle size and the number of nozzles. When there are a higher number of nozzles in larger sizes, they will cover a broader area. 
  • Oscillation range: When the oscillation range of your sprinkler is wider, the radius will be larger and vice versa. 

Assess the intended use of the sprinkler, as certain models are designed for specific purposes. Understanding the sprinkler’s intended application ensures optimal performance.

How Do I Calculate Sprinkler Distance

How Do I Calculate Sprinkler Distance? 

To calculate sprinkler distance, measure the radius of water coverage from the center of your sprinkler. In order to do that, you have to consider the position of the sprinkler and the edge of the water spray. Refer to the steps below to calculate the sprinkler distance precisely. 

  1. First, the distance between sprinkler heads should be measured. 
  2. Next, get the vertical distance between the sprinkler branch lines. 
  3. Then, multiply two distances.
  4. After that, divide the answer by pi (3.14) to get the radius.  

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